Excess Obedience Equipment

We are selling off some surplus obedience equipment, the proceeds of the sale will go to the purchase of new club equipment.

The Items:

High Jump


VCA legal high jump consisting of two ends and a full set of regulation boards. Includes 1 x 250mm, 2 x 200mm, 1 x 50mm and 1 x 25mm boards. Free standing.

Available: 3















Broad Jump


VCA legal broad jump consisting of 4 jumps of increasing height. These can be stacked for storage.

Available: 1
















If you wish to purchase any of this equipment, please navigate to the Contact page and email us including what you would like to purchase and your name please. Items can be picked up during normal club hours on Sunday at the club rooms, please approach the office (on office days) or a member of the committee.