ACODC offers a range of different membership types from single, dual, seniors & junior membership.

Each membership entitles the handler and dog to take part in training on Sunday mornings. All members must complete our induction prior to being able to partake in any training our our club grounds.

You will be required to produce proof of vaccination upon joining the club and again each year as you renew your membership.

All members must adhere to the club guidelines.

Payments can be made using cash, cheque, EFT (Direct Deposit)* or EFTPoS*.

* NOTE: There is a 2.2% fee on Credit Card transactions and a $0.20 fee on Debit Card (Savings/Cheque) transactions. For EFT (Direct Deposit) transactions, please refer to the membership form (link below) for details.

Membership renewals are issued during the first week of November and you will have until the 30th November to renew your Membership. If your membership is not renewed before the 30th of November, then your membership is deemed to have lapsed and the $30.00 joining fee will be payable again together with the training fee.


Fee Schedule
Joining Fee - one off joining fee per member $30.00
Single Membership - 1 Person & 1 Dog $40.00
Dual Membership - 2 People & 1 dog each $70.00
Aged Pension Membership (Pension card reqd.) $25.00
Junior Member - 12 to 16 years* $25.00
Additional Dog $10.00

*A Parent or Guardian must remain present for the duration of the training session.


To save some time in signing up to our club why not download and complete the membership form ahead of time by clicking on this link - Membership Form