The Altona Civic Obedience Dog Club is administrated by a volunteer committee of management. All club members are both eligible and encouraged to elect for a position within the committee.

The Committee is made up of several positions. These positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Social Secretary, Trial Secretary, Property Steward, Treasurer, General Committee and many more.

Any member who would like to nominate for any of these positions, or just a position on the general committee, please complete the nomination form enclosed with your Membership Renewal and lodge with the current Secretary prior to the Club Annual General Meeting held on December 6th 2015.

2017 Committee

President Bill Gilmour General Member Simon Bates
Vice President Vacant General Member Joe Cimino
Secretary Kerrie Keeley General Member Bev Dyer
Treasurer Allisa Gilmour General Member Sergio Farrugia
Trial Secretary Vacant General Member Chris Harvey
Property Steward Vacant General Member Tracey Rose
Chief Instructor Simon Luketic General Member Lisa White
 Social Secretary Margaret Hodgkiss General Member Chris Brown