Agility is a great sport for you to participate in with your dog but it is also fast paced and action packed. To ensure the safety of you,
your dog, our members and the public there are a set of guidelines that must be adhered to:


Single JumpDogs must be trained on a flat collar or harness accompanied by a leather or fabric lead. (No corrections chains or halters to used during training)

Bring toys/squeaky/tug toy, treats (small pieces so they can be digested easily)

Handlers should wear appropriate footwear (good traction to ensure safety) and sensible clothing.

Training times are between 8:30am and 11:00am. If you wish to participate in Agility training your also are required to assist with the set up and pack away activities

No bitches in season, sick, or injured dogs allowed at training.

Dogs must be on lead at all times unless under supervision of instructors.

Handlers must clean up immediately if their dog fouls the ground and ensure that dogs do not urinate on the equipment. If a dog does urinate on the equipment it is the handlers responsibility to clean it.

Junior handlers must be at least 12 years of age and a parent or guardian must be present while the junior is training. Our club reserves the right not to instruct children if we feel the safety of the child or other club members is at risk.

All handlers and dogs must be physically able to train for Agility. Dogs that are not physically suitable because size/weight ratio may join in under instructors supervision over appropriate obstacles.

Dogs under twelve months of age may begin foundation work under instructors supervision. Foundation classes include exercises that are designed to minimise the impact on growing bones.

To ensure everyones safety; only one handler/dog team is to complete sequence or course before the next handler/dog team. Please do not hog a sequence there are others waiting.

No dogs are to be taken into our club rooms

A club instructor must be present at all times for training on equipment – unless by prior arrangement.

The Club accepts no responsibility for injury to handler/dog. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and your dogs at all times

The instructors are there to assist you on your journey in training (so be guided by their advice). Remember they are volunteers. Any disputes are to taken to the Chief instructor .

Training may be cancelled to ensure dog/handler safety. If the temperature is above 30 degrees on the training ground – classes will be cancelled.


Aggressive or unsociable behaviour by either the dog or the owner will not be tolerated by our club. We reserve the right to expel any dog or handler showing such behaviour at any time. Such instances will be assessed by our committee. All incidents of aggression are to be reported immediately to an instructor. Dogs assessed by instructors to be aggressive or uncontrolled may be required to wear a muzzle or lanyard.