Frequently asked Agility Questions:

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


Frequently asked Agility Questions:

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


What is Agility?

Dog Agility is a sport which is fun for both the dog and the handler. Agility involves a handler directing their dog through a series of obstacles on a course in a set amount of time.  Dogs race through tunnels, bound over jumps and negotiate weave poles at lightning speed. It’s a race to complete the course within a set amount of time with penalties being incurred for faults such as knocking over the jumps.

What type of dogs do Agility?

Agility is open to all dogs great and small. Jump heights are adjusted to fit the size of your dog so the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Labrador can take part.

How old do dogs need to be to participate in Agility training?

Dogs need to have basic obedience training and be 12 months of age to undertake any of the high obstacles or jumps. We allow dogs under 12 months of age to participate in foundation classes and on ground work.

Do I need to have completed obedience training first?

Your dog needs to have basic obedience to be able to participate in Agility as off lead work is required. Your dog needs to be able to complete a sit stay, have a relatively strong recall (come when called) and must be able to be handled by an instructor.

How do I know if my dog is good enough to do Agility?

Simple, just pop over and see one of our Agility instructors who will give you a quick assessment before you get started.

Are there extra fees to do Agility?

No, Our Agility program is covered under your current obedience dog club membership.

Can I join the club and just do Agility?

Yes you can but your dog must have a level of obedience training for you to undertake Agility. We recommend that you undertake obedience training in conjunction with your Agility work. 

How do I join the club and what are the fees?

Please visit our membership page for more information on joining our club.

I am currently a member of the club and would like to start doing Agility.

Fantastic, Simply attend one of the next Agility introduction sessions and we will help you to get started. 

What sort of equipment do I need to take part in the Agility?

Not much. You need to have some type of motivator food or toys or both should do the trick. You also need to make sure that your dog have a flat collar. Correction collars cannot be used for Agility. Our instructors will take you through the equipment in more detail in your foundation class.

Do I have to help set up and pull down the equipment?

Yes everyone who participates in the classes and utilises the equipment must assist in setting up and packing away the equipment. This will be explained as part of the introduction class.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Agility is a great sport for you to participate in with your dog but it is also fast paced and action packed. To ensure the safety of you, your dog, our members and the public there are a set of guidelines that must be adhered to. Please click on this link to view our Agility guidelines.

Agility Tunnel
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